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Andrew Ivanchenko

The Ultimate Way to


stop pain


Ivanchenko M.D. Pain and Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to
improving patients' quality of life.

We specialize in integrative medicine and nonsurgical decompression of
joints and spine to treat acute and chronic pain related to degenerative arthritis, accidents, sport or work-related injuries.

9 Jun 2023

08:44 AM

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Opening Hours:

  9:30 am – 7:00 pm
  9:30 am – 3:00 pm 

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Ivanchenko M.D. Medical office

To discuss serious matters light-heartedly yet professionally is a rare talent. In this entertaining and instructive book Dr. Ivanchenko shares his experiences in integrative medicine, particularly manual therapy.

The book is based on his radio talk shows and articles for Chicago’s newspaper.

Ivanchenko M. D. "Doctor's notebook"
Ivanchenko M.D. doctor's notebook
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Ivanchenko M. D. review
Mariia Itomlenskis/ Smirnova

"The best doctor and stuff! While this practice and Dr Ivanchenko exist, I don’t worry about my health and health of my beloved ones. The doctor and his masseurs know where your pain is and how bad it is better than you do. Just with few gentle touches they can tell a lot. They saved me from terrible headaches, put be back on my legs during pregnancy when I wasn’t able to move my leg because something happened to the nerve and muscles, speed up my recoveries after both pregnancies.
Soooo incredible happy Dr. Ivanchenko exists!!!"

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